Journalists and Writers Foundation Condemns Deadly School Attack in Pakistan


To hear of the deaths of more than 140 people, mostly students in Pakistan, as a result of a terrorist attack is shocking and saddening. JWF strongly condemns this atrocity, which is senseless and horrific and inflicted unbearable pain on innocent people.

Any form of violence against innocent civilians or persecution of minorities contradicts the principles of the Quran and the tradition of our Prophet (peace be upon him).

Fethullah Gulen – JWF Honorary President

On this sad occasion, JWF sends sincere condolences to the families and loved ones of the deceased, and all Pakistanis globally, as well as prayers for a speedy recovery of the injured. JWF stands behind the statement of honorary president Fethullah Gulen in reiterating the condemnation of all forms of terror, which can never be justified by its perpetrators or their stated purposes.