Women Misrepresented and Misperceived in the Media


The JWF Women’s Platform and Medialog Platform organized a workshop titled “The Media’s Perception of Women: Abuse and Recruitment” on March 5 and 6, 2011. The event was held at the Bolu Gazelle Resort Hotel, bringing together journalists, writers, academics, and activists to write a final declaration on the issue.

The workshop’s final declaration proposed solutions for women’s misrepresentation in the media.

“The Media’s Perception of Women: Abuse and Recruitment” Workshop

The final declaration was written in the last session of the workshop, and it consisted of two parts: an evaluation of the problems, and recommendations for solutions. Considering the increasing rate of homicide against women, the final declaration also included an urgent action plan to stop such killings.

The workshop participants outlined ten problems concerning the perception and presentation of women in the media. They also submitted twenty recommendations to resolve these problems. Every point in the final declaration was the result of negotiation by all participants.

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