JWF CSW68 High-Level Reception 2024

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JWF CSW68 High-Level Reception 2024

The Journalists and Writers Foundation organized the JWF High-Level Reception to celebrate the UN Commission on the Status of Women 68th Session

The JWF High-Level Reception, organized by the Journalists and Writers Foundation, marked the celebration of the 68th Session of the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women. This prestigious event brought together UN Ambassadors, Delegates from UN Member States, diplomats, journalists, academics, human rights experts, civil society leaders, and youth delegates from various countries including Belgium, Canada, Greece, India, Romania, Kenya, Tanzania, and the United States.

The UN Commission on the Status of Women is a crucial gathering at the United Nations where women leaders, delegations from member states, and civil society representatives unite to advocate for women’s empowerment, girls’ education, and women’s rights on a global scale. The Journalists and Writers Foundation has been actively raising awareness on women empowerment and conducting year-long training sessions to empower civil society and youth leaders to bring their best practices to the CSW in New York.

In the margins of the UN CSW68, the Journalists and Writers Foundation co-organized 12 events in collaboration with 13 NGOs from eight countries, discussing topics such as women’s leadership for sustainable peace, economic and social development for women and girls, and the prevention of violence against women.


The JWF High-Level Reception 2024 served as a valuable platform for networking, exchanging ideas, and engaging in discussions surrounding gender equality, women’s empowerment, and the advancement of women leaders across various sectors. The event featured keynote speeches from notable figures, honored individuals with awards for their contributions to women empowerment, and provided a space for women change-makers to share their experiences and insights.

The program commenced with Welcome Remarks delivered by Cemre Ulker, the Representative of JWF to the United Nations DGC, highlighting the significance of the UN Commission on the Status of Women’s 68th Session in advancing the implementation of SDGs, particularly Goal #5: Gender Equality. She provided a brief overview of the program which offered numerous networking opportunities and engagements with Global Partners and guests from various countries such as Belgium, Canada, Greece, India, Romania, Kenya, Tanzania, and the United States. Following this, attendees viewed the JWF’s CSW68 Introduction video, which outlined the 12 parallel events, JWF High-level Reception, UN Guided Tour, Institutional meetings, and family dinners. Cemre Ulker then shared key highlights of the CSW68 Session, which included over 800 panel sessions with approximately 10,000 participants from around the world, highlighting the crucial role of women peacemakers in fostering peaceful societies and advancing the implementation of SDGs through gender-sensitive approaches.

In his opening speech, Mehmet Kilic, President of the Journalists and Writers Foundation, emphasized the significance of the CSW events, where women leaders and delegations from across the globe come together to celebrate women’s rights and promote positive societal change. He stressed the importance of raising awareness on women’s rights issues and supporting the voices of women journalists and human rights advocates who bravely advocate for those in need. He said: “Now more than ever, it is crucial that we join forces to raise awareness on pressing issues and challenges concerning women’s rights. It is a time to support and uphold the voices of women journalists and human rights defenders who courageously advocate for those in need, often putting their own lives at risk.” He concluded his remarks with: “As the JWF, we advocate for equal participation of women at all levels and recognize the invaluable contributions women make to social and economic development globally. It is important to champion the inclusion of women and girls in the fight for gender equality and to combat violence against women.”

Honorable Neema Lugangira delivered a keynote address on women’s leadership and its impact on peace, underscoring her experiences in Tanzania and the leadership of Her Excellency Dr. Samia Suluhu Hassan, President of Tanzania. She said that Her Excellency’s leadership style in terms of strengthening democracy in the country is driven around four Rs: Reconciliation, Resilience, Rebuild and Reform.

Honorable Sarah Paulate Korere illuminated the hardships experienced by women in conflict-ridden areas and emphasized the essential role of women’s participation in peace negotiations. She highlighted the suffering of women in countries plagued by wars, including Ukraine, Gaza, Palestine, and Kenya, where ethnic conflicts have inflicted hardships on women. She expressed her ideas firmly that the world cannot be considered safe until each and every one of us is safe. We must continue to advocate for our voices to be heard, as women must be present at the negotiation table for peaceful and harmonious discussions. If women are not initially included in the conversation, they will take the initiative to create a table themselves. I often tell women: when you’re not part of the negotiations, you’re likely to be overlooked. Therefore, it is crucial for women to have a seat at the table. She expressed gratitude to the Journalists and Writers Foundation for inviting her to speak at the CSW68 parallel events, acknowledging the enlightening experience, the valuable networks established, and expressing hope for the ongoing amplification of women’s voices.

Honorable Francis Ole Kaparo underscored the significance of promoting collaborative efforts between women and men for the advancement of society and highlighted the obstacles hindering women’s leadership roles that must be addressed. He reiterated in his keynote speech the crucial need for both women and men to unite in building a better world for everyone. He stated that it is undeniable that a truly good world necessitates the joint contributions of both women and men. However, women face pervasive underrepresentation and significant disadvantages worldwide. In Kenya, the establishment of the ‘Kenya Women Parliamentary Association’ aimed to advocate for women’s interests within parliament. Despite the presence of numerous barriers impeding women’s progress and leadership opportunities globally, these obstacles can be dismantled by the resilience and determination of women themselves.

Following the keynote speeches, the Journalists and Writers Foundation honored Honorable Neema Lugangira and Sarah Paulate Korere with the Women’s Empowerment Award for their dedicated efforts in empowering women and girls through legislative reforms. Honorable Francis Ole Kaparo received the Lifetime Achievement Award for his advocacy for sustainable peace and human rights in Kenya and Africa. 

Following the enlightening keynote speeches, attendees were treated to the unique opportunity of listening to exceptional women who are catalysts for change in their various areas of expertise. This event provided a remarkable chance to engage, interact, and establish connections with a diverse range of influential women from around the globe, including Members of Parliament, diplomats, human rights advocates, activists, journalists, academics, educators, and more. It was imperative to not only amplify women’s voices but also ensure that they resonate worldwide. The audience was resolute in their commitment to carry the knowledge and inspiration garnered from the event back to their homes, workplaces, organizations, and communities.

Among the distinguished guests was Honorable Yevheniia Kravchuk, a Member of the Ukrainian Parliament who serves as the Head of the Subcommittee on Informational Policy and played a central role in crafting new media legislation in Ukraine. Reflecting on her experience at the CSW68 events, she emphasized the importance of women finding their place and stressed the value of having men present in the room, as isolating oneself in a bubble will not lead to success. She highlighted the ongoing aggression Ukraine faces from the Russian Federation and echoed the sentiment expressed by her counterpart from Kenya about the necessity for women to have a seat at the negotiating table. Honorable Kravchuk commended the women who are on the frontline of the conflict, including doctors, teachers, journalists, and human rights advocates like Oleksandra Matviichuck, who was awarded a Nobel Prize for her human rights work during the invasion. She acknowledged the vulnerability of women during times of war, particularly in facing instances of rape used as a weapon of war. Honorable Kravchuk affirmed Ukraine’s commitment to restoring peace, emphasizing the importance of achieving a just and inclusive peace for all women and men living in Ukraine.

As the reception come to a close, Cemre Ulker took the opportunity to introduce the representatives of JWF’s Global Partners, extending a warm welcome to them as they took the stage. Each representative had the chance to provide the audience with insights into their respective parallel events and encouraged attendees to participate in the UN CSW68 Session. The diverse group of Global Partners included individuals such as Vonya Womack, Executive Director of RUSU; Hafsa Girdap, Executive Director of Silenced Turkey; Ruth Schowalter, Certified Interplay Leader; Mariana Zberianu, Journalist from Metropola TV; Carmen Nemeş Ionela, President of ANAIS Association; Esma Murat, Law Student from Romanian-American University; Fidan Korkut, Educational Consultant from Lumina Educational Institutions; Mehmet Emin Korkut, Public Relations Specialist; Ludmila Malai, EU Project Manager at Intercultural Dialogue Platform; Fatima Altunbas-Kaya, Project Manager at Federation for Global and Democratic Organizations; Nursah Tutar, Solidarity with Others; Hayrunnisa Kalac, Project Manager at Alliance for Shared Values; Anil Wasif, Co-Founder and Director of Strategy; Farhim W. Zaman, Co-Founder and Director of Operations; Tahmid H. Khan, Co-Founder and Director of Partnerships from BacharLorai; Ibrahim Yunus Rashid, President of Kilimanjaro Dialogue Institute; Osman Dulgeroglu, CEO; Kevin Meacham, Program Coordinator; Savas Metin, Program Manager; and Dana Coppola, Development Officer from Embrace Relief Foundation; Dr. Teta Banks, Director of University Advancement and Planning at North American University; Batsheba Smithen, CEO and Founder; Dr. Jacqui Virgil, Executive Partner; Dorothy Rice, Project Coordinator and Content Developer; and Soffia Aikens, Member Services Representative and Juvenile Youth Advocate from Cage Free Voices.

The Journalists and Writers Foundation honored the Global Partners with a plaque in appreciation of their efforts in advancing women’s empowerment and girls’ education through human rights advocacy and social justice initiatives. As a Global Partner, we are grateful for their collaboration in hosting 12 parallel events during the 68th Session of the UN Commission on the Status of Women. Among the Global Partners recognized with a plaque were the Association of Dialogue and Universal Values (Romania), BacharLorai (Canada), Cage Free Voices (USA), Embrace Relief Foundation (USA), Harmony Institute (Kenya), Intercultural Dialogue Platform (Belgium), Kilimanjaro Dialogue Institute (Tanzania), Lumina Educational Institution, North American University (USA), and Advocates of Silenced Turkey (USA).

The reception concluded with a tribute to the Global Partners who have been instrumental in advancing women’s empowerment and girls’ education through their advocacy and social justice endeavors. The dedication and assistance of all participants were commended for their significant role in advancing the cause of gender equality and women’s empowerment globally. Let us unite, advocate for change, and work towards a more inclusive and fair future for all.

Global Partners participated in the UN CSW68 Session

  • Journalists and Writers Foundation (USA)
  • Intercultural Dialogue Platform (Belgium)
  • BacharLorai (Canada)
  • Gefyres Irinis (Greece)
  • Indialogue Foundation (India)
  • Commonwealth Chamber of Commerce (India)
  • Harmony Institute (Kenya)
  • Kilimanjaro Dialogue Institute (Tanzania)
  • Association for Dialogue and Universal Values (Romania)
  • Lumina Educational Institute (Romania)
  • National Agency for Equal Opportunities for Women and Men (Romania)
  • Centro Interdisciplinar de Ciências Sociais (Romania)
  • Dimitrie Cantemir Christian University (Romania)
  • Lettres Sorbonne University (France)
  • Universidad De Burgos (Spain)
  • Embrace Relief Foundation (USA)
  • Cage Free Voices (USA)
  • North American University (USA)
  • Advocates for Silenced Turkey (USA)
  • Set Them Free (USA)
  • GioStar (USA)