JWF's Honorary President Fethullah Gulen's Founding Speech

People are divided into many different polarized camps due to crises stemmed from ideological differences such as seculars – anti seculars, democrats – anti-democrats alongside economical crises.

I believe, in such a period of time, an institution that has been founded by reasonable and sensible people may help to ease tensions among such groups and camps.

Certain groups in this society in Turkey have been benefitting only mere ten percent of the democracy. They succeeded to come to this point by benefitting from this ten percent. From now on it would not be possible to give up democracy both in and outside of Turkey.


The problems of today’s world are more human oriented than financial or economical reasons. The young generation is suffering because of their insufficiency about humanitarian values, they are quite unhappy due to not knowing how to share properly what God has offered them, and they are worried and bored due to lack of sincere love in their lives.

If today’s opinion makers plan to create and promote a new world, the essence of that message can only be love. Yes, people of this new world should approach towards all living and non-livings with love, they should embrace everybody and everything with love and should always whisper love into their ears and infuse it into their conversations.

A person of love starts with trying to correct him/herself before anything else. While he/she does that, he/she does not expect anything in return and believes that he/she contributes to the coherency and harmony of universal values. This is very difficult but can be very easy as well if we think about the dynamics we already have. These dynamics are a sincere belief and embracing everything with mercy and through them we can achieve any goal. The spiritual depth of Islam could be regarded as a gifted-fortune for us that never die away. The world should be based on love and dialogue by making the most of it. Actually love is the most basic feature of our society. If we have any concern towards things around us, we ought to love them more and decrease our dislike towards them, and we can create a new warm and loving world that we have not seen so far.

I hope and wish the Journalists and Writers Foundation that has a wide range of media contacts to realize this very lofty idea.

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