UNGA Reception 2015: UN Post-2015 Development Agenda: The Role of Public Private Partnerships

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UNGA Reception 2015: UN Post-2015 Development Agenda: The Role of Public Private Partnerships


Ministers, academics, bureaucrats, entrepreneurs, opinion leaders and nongovernmental organization representatives from all over the world attended the UNGA High-Level Reception held by the Peace Islands Institute (PII) and the Journalists and Writers Foundation (JWF) at the Empire Ballroom of Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York on 30 September 2015.

The UNGA High-Level Reception came after the UNGA Conference entitled “UN Post-2015 Development Agenda: The Role of Public-Private Partnerships”

UNGA President H.E. Mogens Lykketoft, Former Speaker of the Danish Parliament and Danish Foreign Minister, said that the United Nations had a wide agenda on sustainable development and that this agenda concerns all countries and people in the world. Mr. Lykketoft also said that the UN believes it is not possible to eradicate poverty and hunger unless people fight against inequalities both within and between countries. Mr. Lykketoft added that climate change and environmental disasters are causing poverty and restricting sustainable development which could destroy the resources that people need to survive.

Malawian Foreign Minister H.E George Chaponda delivered a speech at the reception, saying that the private sector and NGOs should work together for sustainable development. Chaponda also praised the Turkish-originated schools and NGOs in his country saying that “These schools are doing a great job. Education is one of the keystones of sustainable development for us. Raising the quality of education for children changes the future of a country dramatically.”

Former Beninese Foreign Minister H.E. Mariam Boni Diallo also spoke about the Hizmet-inspired schools in her country, saying that she was a little worried when the schools first opened but they have won the approval of society. “Students’ parents are content with the schools,” Diallo said.

12 UN Member States were represented at the Reception at the level of Heads of States: Benin, Albania, Australia, Central African Republic, Ghana, Kenya, Malawi, Sierra Leone, Denmark, Nigeria, Gambia, Switzerland.


UNGA 70th Session President, H.E. Mogens Lykketoft


14th Deputy Prime Minister of Australia, H.E. Wayne Swan


Fr. Minister of Finance of Albania, H.E. Arben Malaj


General-Secretary of President of Benin, H.E. Mariam Diallo


Former Speaker of the National Assembly of Kenya, H.E. Francis Ole Kaparo


Minister of Education of Central African Republic, H.E. Elois Anguimate


Minister of Education of Gambia, H.E. Fatou Lamin Faye


Minister of State of Ghana, H.E. Abdul-Rashid Hassan Pelpuo


Minister of Foreign Affairs of Malawi, H.E. George Chaponda


Senior Special Assistant to the First Lady of Nigeria, Dr. Hajo Sani, OON