World Refugee Day 2020: Social Media Campaign

World Refugee Day 2020: Social Media Campaign
20 JUNE 2020, Saturday

On the occasion of World Refugee Day 2020, the Journalists and Writers Foundation (JWF) organized a social media campaign to raise awareness on current challenges refugees face during their journey to safety in the face of wars, conflicts, terror, and persecution. According to the United Nations, every minute 20 people are forced to leave their countries of origin for safety and security to start a new life with dignity where fundamental human rights are respected, promoted, and protected.

The social media campaign highlighted:

  • Best practices of socio-economic empowerment of the refugees
  • Refugees` right to access quality education: challenges during their journey
  • Contributions of refugees to their host country (social, economic, other)
  • Vulnerability of refugees during the covid-19 pandemic
  • Contributions of refugees in the fight against the global health crisis
  • Ways to support refugees during these challenging times

Throughout the day, JWF posted remarks of wonderful civil society leaders from USA, Australia, Greece, UK, and Netherlands to share their messages standing in solidarity with the refugees;

Cemre Ulker, US Director, The Journalist and Writers Foundation, USA

Thomas Sideris, ERT, Journalist, Greece

Kathie OCallaghan, Hearts and Homes for Refugees, USA

Diana Jones, Singer-Songwriter, Hearts & Homes for Refugees, USA

Dana Coppola, Public Relations & Media Specialist, Embrace Relief, USA

Craig Foster, Football broadcaster,  Ambassador for Human Rights, Australia

Munise Kaya, Greece

Nichool Castro, External Affairs Coordinator, Acts 12:24 Churches

Esra Kaya, Greece

Dr. Edie Friedman, Executive Director, The Jewish Council for Racial Equality, UK

Esra Aydin, Communications Director, JWF & Co-Founder, Set Them Free, USA

Time to Help, UK, Netherlands, Belgium

Sasha Butler, Executive Director, Changing Destinations, USA

Bathsheba Smithen, CEO & Founder, Cage Free Voices, USA