CSW 62 EVENT: Socio-Economic Empowerment of Women

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CSW 62 EVENT: Socio-Economic Empowerment of Women

The socio-economic Empowerment of Women” was the topic of the second parallel event organized by the Journalists and Writers Foundation in partnership with the Friede Institut für Dialog from Austria and Zijn Platform from the Netherlands during the 62nd Commission on the Status of Women.

More than 60 people from all over the world participated in the second part of the consultation meeting of the Women’s Development Summit (WDS) that has the aim to set the groundwork for the Summit that will take place at the End of 2018.
After starting with a very inspiring Keynote Speech of Dr. Swadesh Rana, Ms. Shila Block, a student of Political Sciences and Public Law at the Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg underlined the importance of youth participation in international politics and mentioned the lack of female leaders in political decision-making positions at the international level. Further, “The Project Youth2CSW”, which aims to highlight the role of youth in increasing knowledge for women’s rights, was presented.

The second panelist, H.E. Dr. Beriwan Khailany, Member of Iraqi Parliament and Member of Higher Education Parliamentary Committee focused on the Iraqi Women Status and their role and contribution to science and technology. Finally, Dr. Khailany reported from her own experience about working with many national committees on programs concerning violence against women in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq.

The last panelist, Ms. Asiye Coskun, Director of the Phönix Middle School in Vienna, shared a best-practice example of Communication & IT. Ms. Coskun, who is actively involved in digital education projects at school, emphasized that it should be a priority of school staff to teach students how to deal with immediately increasing technology and digital-media. The aim of this approach is to give all students, especially girls, an idea of how they can shape their own future by releasing from gender stereotypes in the society and how they can be successful in any area as long as they believe and have pleasure in what they are doing.

Why JWF supports gender equality?

Excellence, talent and creativity does not distinguish between genders, but however humans do. We believe that everyone is equal and that the existing gender inequality is constantly violating human rights.

Due to the fact, that all human development and human rights issues have gender dimensions, gender equality should be taken into consideration in all spheres of life.

In this sense, the Journalist and Writers Foundation focuses on priority areas that are fundamental to women’s equality and tries to support and promote gender equality in all aspects of life. Starting with the elimination of violence against women, JWF Europe focuses also on the role of women in peace and security, economic empowerment of women and leadership and political participation. Only with creating awareness on these extremely important issues among civil society, youth and stakeholders, it is possible to mobilize people to think and act gender inclusive.

Through collective actions, shared experiences and projects, JWF aims to accelerate progress on sustainable development and gender equality. Because supporting and actively promoting gender equality is beneficial for everyone.