The Road to Heaven

The Road to Heaven



By Alyaa Almosawi

Although I despise entering the rabbit hole of political news in which it pulls me back in every time I try to veer off, they just seem to pop up on my phone always. These are the type of news that ruins my day. I am m almost certain that every sane person in this world would feel the same when being faced with such news. I never succeeded in ignoring them though.

How can I train my heart to accept watching and following the political news that rides on the continuous waves of wars, killing and destruction? It is like we have been brought to this world to face nothing but ideological and sectarian conflicts that have no room for a proper dialogue, understanding, love, giving and peace. How can I accept the elimination of others whom I disagree with only with means of terror, hate and aggression?

Every day we are re bombarded with the sounds of explosions as well as the cries of the young before the adults. This atrociousness makes our hearts bleed so much that it has become numb to these monstrosities. We got stripped of our humanness and our conscience has become frozen, not able to speak up. How many deaths is this earth going to reap? How many wounded people have disappointment as a response to their moans? How many mothers failed to see their children grow up? These angelic souls that rise to heaven everyday are not confined to a specific region on this earth. They can be seen everywhere, east to west and south to north. I do not see this stopping actually; but it only increases day by day, and my question is until when!?

The problem is not actually the abundance of financial support for such terrorist attacks, but in the puppet masters that run the media today, which spreads through their channels what causes hate between people from different backgrounds as well as concepts that are deprived of ideological acceptance that is led by many religious figures be it Christian, Muslim or Jewish, etc… as they believe that the road to salvation is only through their way and no other way.

The religious ideas these figures preach have no relation to what Muhammad, Jesus or Moses preached. They preach for a religion that only serves their agendas and pleases their dark and sinister hearts that lack true knowledge and the true meaning of a good life which every human being is entitled to have. When a man is ignorant of his true value of existence and the importance of our difference and universal diversity, then he will be led to a very dark route will turn his life into a life of sorrow that lacks happiness and all that’s pure.

The road to heaven does not consist of acts of war, murder and violence. God who created and spread us all over this earth knew that our differences are beneficial for us. Why do not we learn to be merciful amongst each other as we all belong to each other for our father is Adam?


Alyaa Almosawi
Graduate Student in Media and Journalism 
University of Bahrain

JWF Media and Journalism Webinars – Class of 2022