World Refugee Day 2021: US Immigration Agenda under the Biden Administration

World Refugee Day 2021: US Immigration Agenda under the Biden Administration
20 September 2022, Tuesday | John Jay College of Criminal Justice

The Journalists and Writers Foundation is organizing the “US Immigration Agenda under the Biden Administration” virtual discussion on the occasion of the World Refugee Day 2021 on 18 June 2021 Friday at 1:00 PM on JWF`s YouTube channel.

The Biden Administration indicated that the refugee cap will be raised to 62,500 people by the end of this fiscal year. This constructive policy change aims to reverse the low number set by the former administration. President Biden has been sharing his commitment to resolve the admission crisis of the influx of refugees especially in the US-Mexico border. The new US immigration agenda is expected to promote the human rights of the refugees and reflect its historical tradition of promoting human rights of individuals who had to leave their homelands due to violence, domestic war and political persecution.

This virtual gathering will bring together experts of immigration policies and advocates promoting the human rights of refugees to discuss various topics including the challenges faced by the new administration to reverse the restrictive immigration approach of the former government, the new set of rules brought to the admission of the refugees following the COVID-19 precautions. The speakers will also share several civil society best-practices that will provide assistance to the new approach of the Biden Administration to welcome more refugees in the upcoming years.

Format of the Discussion: 

Every speaker will be directed to answer several questions based on their expertise and their organization’s working areas. Questions will be shared with the speakers in advance for their feedback and approval. A total 15 minute of response time is appreciated. The virtual discussion will be open to the public and be live streamed at the JWF`s YouTube channel.

Date and Time: 18 June 2021, Friday at 1:00 – 2:30 PM